• Hotels,Resorts & Hospitals

    Hotels , Resorts, Hospital buildings power and supervision.

  • Submarines

    We are working on Submarines Electrical systems

  • http://www.global-automation.in/activity-2/cranes/

    Load Bank

    We have the biggest Load Bank fleet in Indonesia, from 100kW to 20Mw, Low Voltage to Medium Voltage.

  • Optic Fiber

    We have successfully completed optic fiber terminations for several high end O&G project, On shore and Offshore

  • E&I

    Global Automation extensive E&I experience in Module Construction for Gas Production and FPSO Topsides. All Global Automation work is carried out to the highest standards

  • Others

    We are providing services such as commissioning, certification, calibrations, load banks or loggers rental, sourcing and more.

  • Cranes

    We have developed our crane control software, including motor drives and safety features, from overhead to big dredging cranes, retrofits or new ones.

  • Industrial activity


    We designed industrial control systems, from machine controls & automation up to complete factory automation.

  • Energy

    We have had numerous projects by now on conversions from Drilling rigs to accommodations, on Jack-ups, Semi-Subs, or Land base platform.

  • Marine

    We have extensive knowledge about Electrical marine systems, from repairs to new built, Power or Instrumentation/Automation, network/bridge consoles, MV or MV.


Global Automation are Marine Specialists with two experienced Captains in the team, supported by Engineering crews with expertise handling and working on Vessels, Drilling Rigs and FPSO’s. Here is a summary of our capabilities.
Global Automation have attained a wide range experience, repairing many different systems on board large and small Vessels and Ships. Utilizing that  experience Global Automation have designed and improved upon existing systems, and are able to support and provide automation developments within customers specifications for most operations needed in a new-build vessel. Global Automation have a broad range of partners supplying specialist items and services.

Subpage containing systems available :


  • Main Switch Board : Generator Synchro systems (own) up to 4000 amps, certified. Using DSE, Deig, Woodward…Including all necessary protections, Class certified.
  • Motor Control Center : Main Panel, and remote control panels, pumps controls, Winch controls, Hydraulic packs control, Bow Thursters controls..(own). Class Certified
  • Electrical propulsion system : Power Management System and Variable Speed drives : complete system, class certified (Agent). Main Engines up to 1.5Mw, Low Voltage range.
  • Remote control panels : Direct On Line, Star/Delta, Soft starters, Variable Speed drive up to 630KW.


  • Dp2 and Dp3 system : Agent, marine certified. Consultancy services for implementation for new vessel and retrofits.
  • Ballast tanks, Tank controls: Own system and Agent.
  • Boiler control system : Own
  • Crane load / moment limitor : own


  • Bridge Integrated System (BIS)
    • Main Engines, Alarms, Tank levels, Ballast all integrated
    • Including Redundancy
  • BNWAS : Agent
  • NMEA networking of navigation equipment : Own
  • Auto-pilot connections to steering system : Own
  • Steering system control : Own
  • Alarm system report : Own
  • Water Tight door control system : Own
  • Telegraph : Agent


  • Navigation lights / Christmas Tree : Agent
  • MGPS : Marine Growth Protection System (agent)
  • ICCP : Impressed Current for Cathodic Protection (agent)
  • Tank Gauging System / Alarms (Own and Agent system).
  • HVAC control system and implementation : Agent.
  • Deep Freezer / Factory : Agent.
  • Elevator for Staff : Agent (germany)
  • Elevator for cargo : Agent.
  • UPS : Auxiliary emergency power : agent (Finland)
  • PAGA and PABX systems (agent)
  • Reverse Osmosis : Agent (Singapore).
  • OWS : Agent (China, Singapore, Spain).
  • Lightening protection system : Own


  • Pressure Tank control and alarm system (Own)
  • Main Engine alarm system
  • Fire Alarm system
  • Gas alarm system
  • Bilge alarm and Bilge pumps control system.
  • CO2 control system : Agent

OIL AND GAS specific :

–       Power Distribution

  • Engine monitoring
  • Generator synchro and load sharing, PMS
  • MV distribution
  • LV distribution, Msb, and Db.
  • Drilling switchboards, AC or DC.
  • Power Management system, consoles.

–       Marine & General

  • Ballast, Tank Gauging
  • Weather monitoring
  • Helideck control
  • Anchor lines monitoring / load
  • Legs monitoing
  • Vessel Heel and Trim console
  • HVAC control

–       Safety & security

  • Watertight door
  • Fire & Gas Detection
  • Cause and effect tools, Fmea’s
  • Emergency Shut down
  • Fire dampers controls
  • Fire suppression
  • Fire pumps controls.
  • Fire alarm

–       Drill rig

  • Drilling rig instrumentation
  • Drill control
    • Top drive
    • Rotary table
    • Mud pumps
    • Drawworks
    • Auxiliary systems
    • Power control
  • BOP
  • Choke Manifold control