• Hotels,Resorts & Hospitals

    Hotels , Resorts, Hospital buildings power and supervision.

  • Submarines

    We are working on Submarines Electrical systems

  • http://www.global-automation.in/activity-2/cranes/

    Load Bank

    We have the biggest Load Bank fleet in Indonesia, from 100kW to 20Mw, Low Voltage to Medium Voltage.

  • Optic Fiber

    We have successfully completed optic fiber terminations for several high end O&G project, On shore and Offshore

  • E&I

    Global Automation extensive E&I experience in Module Construction for Gas Production and FPSO Topsides. All Global Automation work is carried out to the highest standards

  • Others

    We are providing services such as commissioning, certification, calibrations, load banks or loggers rental, sourcing and more.

  • Cranes

    We have developed our crane control software, including motor drives and safety features, from overhead to big dredging cranes, retrofits or new ones.

  • Industrial activity


    We designed industrial control systems, from machine controls & automation up to complete factory automation.

  • Energy

    We have had numerous projects by now on conversions from Drilling rigs to accommodations, on Jack-ups, Semi-Subs, or Land base platform.

  • Marine

    We have extensive knowledge about Electrical marine systems, from repairs to new built, Power or Instrumentation/Automation, network/bridge consoles, MV or MV.

Nongsa Village Resort

Lightening protection for 100 houses, IP phone, Internet and Camera system.

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Logindo Stamina

Repair Power control system and Steering system

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Logindo Vessel repairs

Repair done on the vessel, Main panel , as well as the steering system

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Soft Soft Starter panels

Big capacity Auto transfo, and tuning

Full Project »

Aluminium Panels

MSbs and various panels 100% Aluminium

Full Project »

Metering Skid P306

Fabrication and Installation on Metering skid

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SPM “Single Point Mooring Buoy”

Plem and buoy Electrical and control system installation, Test and commissioning on site.

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Pacific Hotel

HVAC repair and Emergency Power control system

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Funtasy Island

Power system and cables, communication and paga system

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